Our Products...

All of our puzzles use a 60 pt chipboard backing.

Photo puzzles are printed on quality paper with a high gloss finish.  This makes the puzzle more durable and cleans up nicely if there should be a spill accident.

Our colouring puzzles are printed on quality card index with a matte finish.  This allows you to use any number of medium for colouring: crayons, markers, pencil crayons etc.


Our Packaging....


Our photo puzzles (8.5x11 and 11x17 size) are packaged in an organza bag and gift box.

We do not include a label with the picture on the box as part of the fun is revealing what the picture is. However, we will include a label if requested for a small labelling fee.


Our 4.5x6.4 puzzles come in these handy StayFlat envelopes.

Perfect for invitations, you can put these directly in the mail. We do not put any labelling on the front in order to accomodate this.


Puzz-olours come in a business card style box along with instructions on the preferred way to put puzzles together.

Since children are our biggest customers for these, we do include a label on the box to help with putting the puzzle together.

Have special packaging needs?

We will do our best to accomodate any special packaging needs you may have.  For example, we can package your puzzle in the bag and not the box if desired. We can use customer supplied packaging for party favour puzzles or we can order special packaging for you.  Please consult with us prior to purchasing your packaging in order to ensure the puzzle with fit in the package.